Firmware update V6.0 available soon

We’ve been hard at work since November at Cleangreen3d working on improvements to the ArkePro/CG-1 firmware and we’re ready to offer those improvements to all ArkePro owners.

You can read V6.0 release notes here for specific details on the improvements we’ve made so far as well as new features we’ve added.  This is a significant improvement on release 4.2.1 which was the last one made by Mcor Technologies.

We’re committed to continuing on this trajectory going forward with a particular focus on machine reliability and usability.

The update cost is €249 (per machine)

What you’ll receive for this is.

  • An SD card with the V6.0 firmware release and a set of instructions to install it on your machine.
  • 1-year bug fix warranty along with access new feature releases.
  • Remote updates are be also enabled in this release. Updates can be initiated via the internet from the setup menu on your machine.
  • You’ll receive a login to allow access our updated helpdesk.

James Walsh
CleanGreen3d Sales Director

If you are a former customer of Mcor Technologies please, click here.