CleanGreen3d Orange is released.

Cleangreen3d Orange 200928 Release.

In conjunction with our recent CG-1 V6 firmware release we’re delighted to announce the release of our Cleangreen3d version of the Orange slicing software. Orange 200928 has all of the capability you are familiar with from the Mcor version and look and feel is the same.

Please note that Orange 200928 is not backward compatible.  If your printer is running an Mcor provided firmware (V4.2.2 or earlier) you should continue to use the last released Mcor version.

All CleanGreen3d and Mcor Orange installers can be downloaded from here.

  • Orange is now supported on both Windows and MACos platforms allowing printer owners and users to choose the computing platform that suits them best.
  • Our latest Orange 200928 pairs with V6 Firmware for carrying out certain key maintenance and support functions in the setup screen such as:
    • Taking a copy of the system log files.
    • Carrying out certain machine maintenance and calibration activities.
    • We’ve moved the build table height manipulation from Orange Setup menu to the firmware set up and job screens where it belongs.
    • We have moved machine shut-down the machine and the ability to re-initialise the machine to the firmware setup screen.
  • The ability to connect to a remote printer to view status and system files from multiple printers was always part of Orange but we’ve added the ability to select the printer to view in multi-printer installations.
  • We’re publishing an Orange manual for the first time. It is available along with many other useful documents from our support page

Figure 1 : Orange Home Screen showing a sample model.