CleanGreen 3D Introduction

We like to take this opportunity to introduce CleanGreen3D Limited.

CleanGreen3D are a 3D printing solutions company delivering environment-friendly full colour 3D printing.

We’re building a company that :

  • Takes pride in how it engages with Customers and Partners to deliver better products, service and solutions.
  • Invests in engineering improvements to the performance and usability of the ArkePro Colour 3D Printer now known as the CG-1 and in colour 3D printing technology in general.
  • Manufactures and sells the CG-1 printer going forward.

If you:

  • Own an Mcor ArkePro printer.
  • Are a former Mcor Partner with an ArkePro installed-base.
  • Are interested in becoming CleanGreen3D Partner.

Please contact Sales Director James Walsh ([email protected]) who’ll be happy to discuss how we can support your needs.

If you own a legacy Mcor machine such as the Matrix 300 , IRIS or Arke and need spare parts  or consumables we have appointed in Germany as a Partner supporting these products.

We’re very excited about this technology which takes low-cost, low-risk raw materials to produce light weight, robust,  Full Colour 3D objects in a Clean and Green way.