CleanGreen 3D Introduction

We like to take this opportunity to introduce CleanGreen3D Limited.

CleanGreen3D Limited is a new company incorporated in Ireland dedicated to servicing all Arkepro Customers and Business Partners of Mcor Technologies Limited. (Mcor)

You may already be aware of this but Mcor went into receivership earlier this year and unfortunately has not survived. The company will very soon cease to exist.

As of 29/11/19 CleanGreen3D have purchased the Intellectual Property and all of the assets of Mcor. We have a goal of building a 3D printing solutions company that differentiates itself by how it services and engages with Customers and Partners to deliver environment-friendly full colour 3D printing.

Our initial plans as a company are:

  • To build a team that takes pride in how it engages with Customers and Partners to deliver better products, service and solutions.
  • To heavily invest in engineering improvements in the performance and usability of the ArkePro Colour 3D Printer. This will include a re-brand and re-naming of the product.
  • To take assets acquired from Mcor and re-start the manufacturing program.

We have high confidence in our ability to deliver significant machine improvement over the coming months while also re-starting manufacturing with deliveries of machines planned from March 2020.

If you are a Customer or Partner with an ArkePro installed-base please contact Sales Director James Walsh ( who’ll be happy to arrange a call to discuss

  • How to get your existing ArkePro machine(s) to a status where you can enjoy the benefits of all our planned updates.
  • How you can purchase consumables and or spare parts for ArkePro going forward.

If you are interested in becoming CleanGreen3D Partner we’d also be very happy to discuss how that happens.

We’re very excited about this technology which takes low-cost, low-risk raw materials to produce Full Colour 3D objects in a Clean and Green way.

If you are a former customer of Mcor Technologies please, click here.