Cleangreen3d Releases V6.00 firmware.


Cleangreen3d would like to announce general availability of the V6.0 firmware package,. This package is a significant re-write of the last known Mcor release 4.2.2. It is compatible with all former mcortechnologies  Arke-Pro’s  and is shipping on all new or refurbished CG-1 3D colour printers.  We’ve summarised many of the features of the firmware which will bring new levels of capability and reliability to your Arke-Pro.

For details on how you can purchase V6 and have your machine upgraded please complete our contact form. 

CG-1 machine Software V6.00 release notes. 

    1. All menus and screens are re-branded with CleanGreen3D branding
    2. A re-built “state machine” delivers greatly improved reliability during long model builds. The machine also has the ability to recover from a number of states and errors that might have been catastrophic in the previous Mcor versions of the software.
      1. Paper outages.
      2. Ink cartridge replacements.
      3. Lost 2D Printer communications.
      4. Certain X-Y gantry positioning errors.
    3. User Interface Improvements.
      1. Removed redundant menu items for better clarity.
      2. Added the ability to shut-down and re-initialise the machine from the setup screen.
      3. Our new Job Screen provides more useful information during the build including.
        1. Status of consumables.
        2. Elapsed build time and estimated time to complete the build.
      4. We’ve improved the responsiveness of the touch-screen so the user knows when inputs have been made as well as blocking interactions that used to cause machine issues in the Mcor software.
      5. Ability to cancel a job no matter what the status of the machine is.
      6. Ability to delete a job from the machine memory.
      7. We’ve added automatically recovery from a state where the operator has left the heat plate in the wrong position after a machine pause for whatever reason.
      8. Improvements have been made to the Gantry Heat Plate collection code to eliminate missed pick-ups. (“heat plate did not reach build opto”)
    4. When a machine has been idle for prolonged periods the heat plate cools leading to impaired glue performance. This can cause glue issues with the first layers of a build. Automated heat plate pre-heat cycles have been added to avoid this.
    5. The machine firmware update procedure has been greatly simplified. With V6.00 the user simply downloads the update from our download location, places it on a USB stick inserted into the machine and selects “Firmware Update” from the “Setup” menu.
    6. New Features.
      1. We’re releasing a limited re-start from the last layer ability in V6.0. This is an introductory feature as there are limitations in when and how a feature like this can work on a printer like the CG-1. It will allow many types of model failures during long builds to be recovered. If the machine fails for whatever reason (ie a power cut for example) and is re-started the machine will ask if the user wants to continue where the aborted build stopped. The feature will work as long as the user does not remove or move the build on the build platform (which would cause positioning errors) (See separate application note)
      2. We have improved machine log storage and rotation so that if something goes wrong a power cycle will not delete all history of the event.
      3. We have also added a new user option that tells the machine to skip the printing section of each layer creating a monochrome build. During the build start the user can select Mono or Colour build. A Mono build will execute much quicker than a colour build because the print cycle is completely ignored.
      4. You can manipulate the build plate position from the job menu in the paused state and from the setup menu when the machine is idle. This allows you to work at the height that suits you best.
      5. Its now possible to shut down and re-initialise the printer from the setup menu.