A Clean Green World.

We live on a beautiful planet that has been throughout history an outstanding provider when it comes to the needs of the human, animal and plant kingdoms. It is obvious now more than ever that the human impact or burden on the planet is many orders of magnitude greater than that of all other living things.

While living and working in Japan in the 1980’s I became aware of the work of Hokusai. His paintings from the mid 18th to mid 19th century, are very beautiful and synonymous with Japanese culture.  The image on the left is his original work courtesy of Wikipedia.

While searching for plastic pollution related images for this post I came across the image on the right which prompted me to write a little about what we do at CleanGreen3d.

Enormous islands of plastic waste roam our oceans, harming our wildlife and endangering the planet. Try a search for “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” on your favourite search engine.

Plastic is, without doubt, a very important and useful material to us all. It is the proliferation of plastic and our inability to deal adequately with it as waste that lies at the root of many pollution problems.

So. How do we at CleanGreen3d contribute in a positive way to reducing plastic pollution?

Our CG-1 offers a genuine alternative to the use of planet damaging materials for those educationalists, designers, engineers, consultants and artists who have a need for colour 3D models but wish to make a positive difference to the environment.

  • CG-1 is a zero plastic sustainable 3D printing solution.
  • The raw material for producing CG-1 models are Paper, Ink and Glue. This yields models and printing waste that are recyclable and/or bio-degradable.
  • There are no compromises to be made with CG-1 models versus other build materials. Our models are full colour, robust and of professional quality making your decision to select our printer easy.
  • Our paper is 100% recyclable but the CG-1 Adaptive Build Area feature also minimises the amount of material used for a given model.

Here’s a summary of our raw materials and model treatments.


Our Printing Engine is CYMK based using inks that are water based and non-toxic. Inkjet cartridges of this type have been in common use in homes and offices for many years.


Our glue is a modified PVA glue which is water-based non-toxic and water soluble.  PVA has been used by children in school classrooms for art and project work for several generations.


Our raw paper is Mondi Bio-Top 3 which is one of the best sustainable/green paper solutions on the market.  For those with knowledge of paper technology, this is a TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) sustainably produced paper without Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s).

Model Treatment.

There are many treatments used on models post printing to preserve or enhance colour but to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic we recommend M3A and M3B.

  • M3A is a plant-based oil product we use on our models to enhance colour.
  • M3B is a lacquer based on a product widely in use by artists around the world. Its water based and not considered damaging to the environment.

Further detail regarding raw materials can be found on our support website in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) area.

At Cleangreen3d we are dedicated to bringing you the technology to deliver Full Colour 3D models using materials that are sustainable and do not harm the planet.  We also deliver these solutions at lower cost.  You can purchase a CG-1 at less than 30% of the installed cost of our nearest competitor.  Our CG-1 is a no price penalty green product that eliminates the use of plastic in 3D models.

Make contact now if you’d like more details.